Little Ducklings Get Their Own Ramps In Washington D.C. And You Have To See The Pictures!

Duckling ramp
Architect of the Capitol

Finally! Some good news for ducks. Recently, the Wildlife Agency in Washington D.C. installed an adorable ramp for little ducklings to get in and out of the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

Architect of the Capitol
Architect of the Capitol

The ducklings can now join their parents wherever they are, whether they are in or outside the pool. Previously, this wasn't possible. Ducklings were only able to enter the pool with the help of kind-hearted visitors. However, the real problem came afterwards; they were unable to leave. The edge of the pool is too high for them and, unfortunately, most ducklings became exhausted and drowned.

The ramp was built in collaboration with City Wildlife, a nonprofit organization which aids sick and injured animals in Washington D.C. However, the AOC did not specify how much the ramp cost.

Most people were supportive of the idea, but not everyone was impressed. Representative Mark Walker criticized the ramp as government waste. Regardless, this ramp was built to save the lives of our feathered friends, and that alone is worth everything.

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