Starbucks Adds New Avocado Spread to Its Menu

Starbucks Adds New Avocado Spread to Its Menu
Credit: POP Sugar

Celebrate Spring with Starbucks's new, attention-grabbing menu items you can’t wait to try!

Sprouted Grain Bagel

Sprouted Grain Bagel is Starbucks’s certified vegan bagel, packed with whole grain oats, golden flax and brown flax, sunflower seeds, and wheat. The bagel is all kinds of delicious.

Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Need a quick meal in the morning? This’ll help you out. This power breakfast, made with gluten-free Canadian bacon, peppered egg patty, and reduced-fat white cheddar cheese, is prepared in a controlled, gluten-free environment. 

Starbucks Organic Avocado Spread

Avocado lovers can rejoice at Starbucks’ new Organic Avocado Spread made with fresh avocados.

Berry Trio Yogurt

Berry Trio Yogurt is a non-fattening and creamy yogurt loaded with delicious fruits; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and granola.

Lemon Chiffon Yogurt

This super flavorful Lemon Chiffon Yogurt gives sweet tooths the perfect blend of fruity lemon tart and an irresistible creamy flavor.

Parrot Cake Pop

A vanilla-flavored pop in the shape of a cute parrot, perfect for cake tops.

Droga Money on Honey Dark Chocolate French Sea Salt

Fair Trade dark chocolate coated caramel is made from honey and topped with French sea salt. There are no artificial flavorings and the honey is derived from healthy honey bee farms.

Goodie Girl Mint Slims

Gluten-free chocolate-coated mint cookies.

Country Archer Jerky

Two new jerky flavors are now available; Hickory Smoke Turkey Jerky and Original Beef Jerky.

Bissinger’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mini

Made from 75 percent dark chocolate and sea salt, it’s the perfect snack to go with coffee.

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